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RTL Info Bienvenue - 14/01/2022

Filming and interviewing for RTL info - starts at  2:13

Short news report on the Mothmeister museum : filmed with a MOJO kit (iPhone 8 Plus with tripod and microphone). I booked and conducted the interviews. It was then broadcasted on national television (RTL Info)


Donating blood, how does it work?
Filming, editing and voice over for Mammouth Média.

Short documentary following a blood donation in Belgium, from donating to analysing the samples (CC available).

Kama, Wallonia Government's dog
Filming, editing and voice over for Mammouth Média.

Report covering a Belgian minister's journey to raise an assistance dog. Interviews include Belgian ex-Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo (CC available).


24h2CV, rookies & pros"
Filming and editing for Mammouth Média.

Covering a 24h 2CV race at Spa. How do rookies and pros compare? Following Frédéric Bouvy and Marie Bourgois (CC available).

Time change in Belgium: the end soon?
Filming and editing for Mammouth Média.

Report covering the time change in Belgium. Includes street interviews and an expert. Planned, shot & edited in one day. (CC available).

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